Ways to fix a basement foundation to eliminate damp/wet basements

How to get rid of dampness in foundation?

Annoyed of chalky stains on basement walls or musty smells from your basement? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Damp and wet basements are quite common. More than half of the basements in the United States have moisture problems. Dam and wet basements are quite intimidating in several ways. They’re not only harmful to your family … Read more

Common defects in the foundation and structure of a home

Common defects in foundation

As a home inspector, you’ve got a big role to play in determining significant defects and structural issues for a home buyer. With such, they rely heavily on your findings for protecting their investment from purchasing a home with major defects. So, home inspectors have to identify these types of defects and further help the … Read more

The best machinery for concrete slab foundations

Machinery for Slab Foundation

So, you’re looking to take the plunge of casting concrete slab foundation or similar projects and interested to know about machinery choices. Well, handling such a project can be a big challenge as you need the best machinery. You need to dig enormous amount of soil and deal with cubage of concrete on the go. … Read more